Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping) Before & After Photos

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Rhinoplasty Patient 1

Rhinoplasty Patient 2

Crooked nose and bulbous tip before and after.

Rhinoplasty Patient 3

Rhinoplasty Patient 4

1 year result. 19 year old female with breathing concerns and dorsal hump. Functional and cosmetic rhinoplasty were performed

The dorsal hump is gone, and the tip has been refined and projected to create a pleasing supratip break. Nasal valve surgery was also performed and the patient notes improved breathing since the operation as well.

Rhinoplasty Patient 5

Rhinoplasty Patient 6

Rhinoplasty Patient 7

Before surgery the nose appears too large. The mid portion appears over-narrow, or pinched, creating a displeasing transition to the tip of the nose. The result after surgery is a smaller, more elegant nose that is in harmony with the patient’s other facial features. Balance has been achieved between the nasal tip and the mid portion of the nose. The tip and nostril symmetry are also improved following surgery. Dr. Michael Fozo was voted one of Detroit’s Top Doctors by Hour Magazine. He is on staff at St. John, Henry Ford, and Beaumont Hospitals, and serves as Director or Otolaryngology at Beaumont Grosse Pointe Hospital. Dr. Fozo is also a member of the teaching faculty for the Michigan State Otolaryngology program.

Rhinoplasty Patient 8

Rhinoplasty Patient 9

Rhinoplasty Patient 10


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